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Formulated with purpose. Formulated for performance.

The nootropic building blocks of memory and mental clarity.

Formulated with purpose. Formulated for performance.

The nootropic building blocks of memory and mental clarity.

Creating the “Perfect Storm” for creativity and focus.

“Creativity is seeing what others see but thinking what no one else ever thought."

~ Albert Einstein

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Human Enhancement! Be Super Human!

Too many “Off” days are a slow death for your big dreams.

The fallacies of creativity that are holding you back

“Waiting for inspiration to strike is setting you up for failure, because even if you’re lucky enough to find it, it doesn’t last forever.”

It is a common belief that the fuel to your creative fire is sourced from a profound form of inspiration. This is a widespread fallacy, because the reality is that inspiration actually precedes action. Without that laser-focus ability dialed-in, you will always struggle to stay persistent with the necessary actions you must take to reliably source your own inspiration and push-forward with the pursuits of your dreams.

With the chaotic nature of the modern world, focus is becoming a scarce resource that only a select few high-performers seem to have. Considering the competitive nature of modern society, you just simply cannot afford to have those unfocused “off days” anymore. You need to start focusing and producing, and you need to do it now.

Fortunately for you, it’s a wonderful era that we live in. With the breakthroughs of modern cognitive science, optimizing your focus and creative potential may only be a few nutrients away. And that is exactly what we have packed in to the Brain Nerd formulations to kick-start your mind for you.

There is no doubt that the human brain is potentially one of the most powerful instruments that nature has ever devised. Regardless of its immense capabilities, failing to provide the necessary nutrients to fuel this amazing machine drastically reduces its output potential. This is a major problem, and our scientifically formulated nootropic supplements aim to solve this problems for you with ease.

Sure, getting good sleep, staying hydrated and eating healthily can do wonders for your cognition and overall physical health. But the truth is, your brain will never achieve a fully optimal performance state with just these practices alone. Especially considering that they can never be employed with 100% efficiency.

The science behind your optimized potential

The molecular super fuels behind our formulations.


DMAE is natural, produced endogenously within the body in small amounts, and even found in certain food sources such as specific high fat fish species.

DMAE is an analogue of the choline molecule, believed by many to yield immense positive effects related to increased memory, mood, and improved brain function.

The true power of DMAE not only comes from its ability to reduce beta-amyloid plaque concentrations within the brain (a primary amyloid plaque linked to age-related memory loss), but also in its ability to increase the production of acetylcholine – an essential neurotransmitter that plays a critical role in nerve cell signaling, helping to regulate other functions controlled by the brain such as REM sleep and muscle contractions.


The molecule of creativity, motivation, memory and laser-focus.

AMPA receptors are a critical step in the neuron signaling process, helping signals move quickly from neuron-to-neuron.

Aniracetam works through positive modulation of AMPA receptors within the brain, which may improve memory, concentration, alertness and creativity. Research on aniracetam has also suggested a direct stimulating effect on dopamine production and glutamate activity, attributing to its mood boosting effects.

(2-Hydroxyethyl) trimethylammonium

An essential nutrient that must be supplemented through dietary intake. Choline is a crucial component to the proper functioning of the liver, muscular tissue, and you guessed it – the brain.

Acclaimed to be one of the absolutely most important nutrients essential to brain function, choline is not just an immensely important macronutrient – it is a nootropic super drug.

As a precursor to acetylcholine biosynthesis, choline directly supports the brain by boosting brain regeneration and brain energy, learning and memory, attention and focus, and even muscular performance.

Subsequently converted to phosphatidylcholine through metabolic action by the liver, choline not only supports cognition – but also supports the synthesis of fat-carrying proteins, aids in the breakdown of cholesterol, and even serves as a food source for healthy gut bacteria.

Stop waiting for inspiration. Start acting on it.

Putting the focus into “focus on your dreams”.

With the scientifically balanced formulations of Brain Nerd nootropic supplements, developing your optimized flow-state is just one capsule away.

Incorporating the most powerful breakthrough compounds of modern cognitive science, our formulations are simple, effective, and ready to optimize your brain to its fullest potential right away.

There’s no more “waiting for inspiration to strike” with the immense power packed into our nootropics formulations. Designed and produced purposefully for the high-output creative or career oriented individual, our supplements will break you out of that destructive cycle of “off days” that gradually sabotage your potential for success.

Are you ready to step over to the “other side” of cognition?

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